Otavalo Day Tour From Quito

The Otavalo Market has a colorful poncho square. It is also one of the most important and popular indigenous markets in Ecuador and South America. Also, Otavalo has a large indigenous population of Otavalos. And their native language is Kichwa. In the Otavalo Market Tour you can find typical food places. And several places where the Otavaleños sell their handicrafts. For example: textiles, ponchos, blouses, shirts and handmade alpaca tapestries. The Otavalo market or Otavalo fair is most active every Saturday.

Besides to the Otavalo fair it is also very interesting to visit the Animal Market. Located on the outskirts of Otavalo in the Yana Yacu sector a few minutes from downtown Otavalo. The animal fair is open on Saturdays from 6:00 to noon. The animal fair is outdoors in an esplanade. You can also see people buying and selling a great variety of farm animals. For example: pigs, llamas, alpacas, cows, cattle and horses. Also, you can find smaller animals such as chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits. And domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

Outfit of the Otavaleña man and woman

In the Otavalo market it is very common to see people wearing their typical clothing. Also, typical dress is in the general population of Otavalo. For the Otavalo men, their clothing consists of a navy blue hat. Likewise, a characteristic of all Otavaleños is to wear long hair with a long braid.

Also, they wear white shirts and white pants. Accompanied by the typical black or navy blue poncho, typical colors of the Otavaleños. Likewise, the women’s clothing is white embroidered blouses. And they wear threads in different colors. Too, they wear anacos or skirts with sashes called mama chumbi and guagua chumbi in Kichwa. Also, on their heads they wear a folded cloth called humaguatarina. And in their hands bracelets and gold necklaces.

How to get to Otavalo market from Quito?​

Located 100 kilometers north of Quito, with an estimated travel time of 2 hours. The Otavalo Market starts very early in the morning until very late in the afternoon. There are direct buses that go from the Carcelén bus terminal in the north of Quito. Also, you can travel from the south of Quito from the Quitumbe Terminal. Please note that buses leave every half hour from the terminals.

Tour Otavalo

Our tour to the Otavalo market starts from Quito. First our guide will pick you up from your hotel to start the trip to the Otavalo Market:

Quitsato or half the world:

The first stop is a few minutes from Cayambe. Here you can observe the Solar Clock with a large mosaic. The site is of great importance. For this reason, you have the opportunity to be in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Cayambe biscochos factory:

Afterwards, we will go to Cayambe, where we will enjoy a typical meal. First, we will taste a tasty Cayambe sponge cake as a snack. It is also accompanied with dulce de leche or also called manjar de leche (milk caramel). And the traditional leaf cheese.

Miralago Viewpoint:

Leaving Cayambe we head to the Miralago viewpoint. Located at the southern entrance of Otavalo. Also, you can appreciate a wonderful landscape. You can see the Imbabura volcano and the San Pablo lagoon.

Otavalo Market:

At noon we will arrive at the Otavalo market. We will have an estimated time of 2 hours to explore the poncho market and its handicrafts. And we will have lunch in a local restaurant in Otavalo.

Waterfall of Peguche:

After lunch, we will go to the “Bosque Protector Cascada de Peguche”. We will walk through a trail to reach the waterfall. The waterfall is 20 m (65.6 ft) high. You should know that the community considers the Peguche Waterfall sacred. Because in dates close to the Inti Raymi they take baths to purify the water.


Also, we will finish the tour in Santa Ana de Cotacachi. Also known for its leather products. Too, you will have time to explore the products offered at the site. This tour is a full day of excitement on our visit to the Otavalo Market.

Cuicocha lagoon:

After our visit to Cotacachi. Finally, we will go on a 30 minute drive to the Cuicocha Lagoon. The scenery offered by the Cuicocha Lagoon is wonderful. It is also known as the lagoon of the gods because of its translation into Kichwa.

Tour Otavalo Private

  • $ 61 price per person, booking for 4 visitors or More.
  • $ 74 price per person, booking for 3 visitors.
  • $ 101 price per person, booking for 2 visitors.
  • $ 182 price per 1 visitor.

Tour Otavalo Shared

The shared tour to the Otavalo market costs $55 per person. It departs every Saturday from Plaza Foch in Quito. At 7 am, at an cheap price and requires number of passengers.

The shared Otavalo tour includes: Quitsato, the biscuit factory in Cayambe, the Miralago viewpoint. Also, the Otavalo market, the Cuicocha lagoon and Cotacachi.

Payment Methods:

Credit Card fee 8%

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